Sunday, September 19, 2010

Meet Ellie the Kitty!

Let me introduce to you, Ellie, the newest member of the family!  A couple weeks ago, Leo called and said he the kids at his school had found a kitten in a box on the playground and the box had UNO GATO written on it.  He asked me to come pick up this kitten and bring it to the shelter since, animal control would not come to the school to get it.  He knew he was in trouble because once he handed her to me there was no way I was taking her to a shelter.

Poor baby looked so sick, her eyes were just about shut with goop and she was just a mess.  Even so, she was acting as though there was nothing wrong with her with the expception of an occasional sneeze.  The minute we put food in front of her she chowed down and drank water with no problem.  We took her in later that day to the vet, and she weighed 1lb, but did have an upper respitory infection and of course covered with fleas.  The whole time she was purring, so happy to just be held, even when they took her tempature..and you know how they do that!  Many $$ later (she's our million dollar kitty) we left with meds and cleaned her up real good and she's been thriving and getting along with our other cats Stitch and Captain Jack. We just took her back for a check up and she has gained 14 oz. and is recovering nicely. 

Now we are up to 3 cats, and I feel almost like we should be on the show Animal Hoarders! As for names,  I turned to my Twitter friends for some Disney suggestions.  I was leaning towards Lilo since our other cat is Stitch.  We also thought about Dora (non Disney), since she was found at Leo's school and their mascot is the Explorers.  My Twitter friend Lynnette  (who is now Ellie's Fairy Godmommy) came up with a wonderful suggestion and it just fit.  Ellie from the movie UP!  If she was human, I can hear her talking just like her! Life was an adventure to Ellie and well, she looks just like her.
We are in love with our sweet Ellie!  I know she will bring us lots of joy for many years to come.

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