Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day after election day!!


Brandon is doing really well so far his Sr. year. I can't believe he's almost 17. He's been planning for his future after high school. After his trip to Korea he was definitely bit by the traveling bug. He wants to go back and visit Japan and other parts of Asia. I'm hope that he can do a ton of traveling, something I wish I would have done more of when I was his age. Keep up the good work Brandon, I'm very proud of you!

Defying Gravity

WICKED in San Francisco!! Maggie and I were able to go to a party in Union Square to welcome Wicked the musical back to the City. They gave away all kinds of Wicked swag.. cookies, lip gloss, GREEN sun screen, Wicked water, and a plethera of good stuff. They had a Wicked singing contest and MK was ready to sing "Popular". She was the first out of 20 other contestants of all ages. It felt like American Idol when they were going to announce the top 3! They called the other 2 girls first, then Maggie!! I of course knew she was totally awesome, but I was so glad to see the people at Wicked did too. She ended up being runner up and won a t shirt and CD. The girl that won got tickets to an upcoming show. She was SO CLOSE and I was so proud of her. She belted out that song in front of all those people in Union Square. I have it on video, so I'll get that up for you all to see soon.

After the competition we got to see the main actresses of Wicked sing and then we got to meet them and get autographs. Of course MK had to get her face painted green just like Elphba. We hope to go see Wicked again next spring and we highly reccomend you to go RUN and see it too!!

Humpty Dumpty COOKIES

Maggie had a wrap party for the Fairytale Town troopers and we made fun cookies for everyone! How do you think we did? I think it looks alot like Humpty!! It took FOREVER but it was fun and I have this big tub of different cookie cutter shapes that I can't wait to try. They were very tasty and a big hit at the party. The director gave all the kids little Humpty Dumpty bobble heads for participating.