Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make it Work!

Can I just say I love Tim Gunn?  I always have.  I like to imagine that he was my classy, fun, gay uncle who would come over occasionally to clean out my closet ,be my fashion consultant, and just hang out and have cocktails and dish.  I've always enjoyed him on Project Runway, in fact I think he's the best part of that show.  Without him it would be unwatchable.

I just came across a wonderful post by Big Fat Deal "Tim Gunn is a National Treasure"  which just warmed my heart and make me love him even more!  While out promoting his book and during an interview with Perez Hilton he said the following:
 If I were to do a clothing line, it would be for sizes 16 and higher. Because I really believe that those women are truly a neglected population, and when I visit department stores and I go to the shop that’s called “woman,” I am horrified! Horrified by the awful, degrading, disrespectful choices that women have. It is mind boggling. I mean, selecting these gigantic prints, and it’s… I mean, who wants to look like a couch?
Bravo!!  It's nice to see someone in the fashion industry who has style and taste is looking out for us fat gals.  I look forward to seeing your size 16 and higher clothing line soon, I hope you do it because I think that's the next step in your career, Tim Gunn!  Make it work!

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