Thursday, April 15, 2010

Disney Autograph Book.

I lost my USB cord for my camera and I have tons of pictures from Walt Disney World. I finally broke down and bought a new one. Here are some pictures of the autograph book I made for Maggie to take with her on our trip.

The characters really enjoyed looking at it while they signed it always asking Maggie if she made it! The most excited was the CM that was with the UP characters, as well as the UP characters. They made a HUGE deal out of it and spent extra time with her signing and fooling around. I think DUG may have licked her a few times.


Betty Holland said...

The book is cute, as is everything you create. I still have to make two... one for Anika and one for Jasmine. We paid for our Disneyland trip we are taking at the end of July! Yes it will be hot but OH SO FUN!
I am not sure when we can come to Fairytale Town. Maybe in two weeks from tomorrow? May maggie still there then? Maggie is getting an invite to Anika's party May 2 Sunday 5pm. by the way~

Betty Holland said...

P.S.....the Ups characters were the most excited? I am going to guess that you were the FIRST to include them in an autograph book. You know people have been making those books fanatically for only about 10 years and I am sure they are DELIGHTED to be welcomed into the 'elite' group of Disney characters. Shoot, I didn't even think of them!