Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back from the Magical Kingdom

We are back from Disneyland and it as always was quite an adventure. I had a few issues with my feet because of terrible blisters (I wore Crocs that were well wore in, I think it was because of the 105 heat) so I got to experience the Magic Kingdom via scooter which was slightly embarrassing, but after a while I got over it and just enjoyed myself. A lovely lady in line for scooters kind of put it all in perspective. She always uses a scooter because it makes her happy and if she didn't have one she would be awfully cranky after walking so much and when mama isn't happy no one else is. She also said that she had a wheelchair and it was all fun and games for the first 15 minutes and after that the kids just abandoned her so the scooter was the way to go!! Now I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed having the freedom of zipping all over Disneyland and California Adventure! I wouldn't do it again though I think unless absolutly neccessary. It was VERY hard to manuvour through the shops. So I had fun, but my heart wasn't into our Disney adventure as it usually is. I was dissapointed with myself, but my wonderful family bore with me and wouldn't leave me behind!! A couple photos of the kiddos. Of course it's too much to ask for them to sit still and take a decent picture LOL! MK was very adventurous and went on all the rides even the Haunted Mansion! She liked them all EXCEPT Indiana Jones which she thought before we arrived she would be riding 4 or 5 times at least! She was pretty scared poor thing. She did enjoy the Indiana Jones show which was so so but she did get chosen to be in it which was fun. It was funny we pretty much knew she would get chosen because she always does. I'm not sure how she does it!! I think our next Disney adventure will be to Disney World hopefully in the next year or so. I will have better walking shoes for sure!! But as usual I always have a feeling of forgetting all my troubles when I am in the Magic Kingdom. It's a great escape from reality for a few days.

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