Friday, June 20, 2008

Look out JT here comes the RAIN!

Before Brandon left for Korea we learned about a new pop star named "Rain" who is HUGE in Korea. As I was watching my nightly Colbert Report I learned that Stephen was competing with this kid named Rain for the #1 most influential person for Time Magazine. So of course Stephen called him out and challenged him to a dance off! Well what happened was hilarious to say the least. Check out the Rain Rivalry. If you have a few minutes watch Singing in Korean and Dance Off. I have to say I was impressed with Rain and of course Stephen. Who knew he could move like that? Rain is a little hottie and the boy can dance! Brandon brought me back a Rain CD from Korea and he said that Rain was EVERYWHERE! On TV, in print, and billboards all over the country. I am enjoying my new CD. He has a very soulful voice and is entertaining in a way that you don't even mind if it's in Korean and you don't understand a thing he's saying. Most of his songs do have some English in them. Here's his video. A little cheesy sure, but I enjoyed it.

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