Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MK's Performance

Our little drama queen has been quite busy this summer! She was in a production of a montage of "Annie" and she played Annie and she also is part of Fairytale Troupers at Fairytale town in Sacramento.

Annie was a one time only show and we bought the DVD and are hoping to get that soon so we can post it online. They didn't allow any photography in the theatre so they could sell DVDs..haha. It was a recital from her dance academy. She was amazing. There were over 30 different performances and hers was the only performance where they sang and she was the only one with a solo. There were about 500 people in the theatre and she came out and belted out her solo and didn't look one bit nervous. I was so incredibly proud of her and I just wanted to yell 'THAT'S MY BABY!!". I was blown away. My aunt,mom and in laws came to see her and were equally as proud.

Her role for the Fairytale Troupers is Witch Beth the evil witch of Fairytale town and sister of Queen Elizabeth. The play is Happy Birthday Humpty Dumpty and they do it on a wonderful outdoor stage for the children at the park. It runs every Sunday through August so if you're near Fairytale Town in Sac stop on by to see her. Again I am amazed about her professionalism and seriousness of her playing her part but yet she has lots of fun. I think one of her favorite things is when the children come on the stage afterwards and talk to her and take pictures. Keep watching my little superstar! It's very hard not to be a stage mom, but when you know your kid really loves it and has the talent you don't want to hold her back!

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