Sunday, May 2, 2010


I was at my great aunt's funeral and I reconnected with a distant cousin that I haven't seen in a long time. We got talking and it turns out she was a D23 member and invited me over to take a look at her Disney room and all her magical treasures! My jaw dropped when I saw her Steam Boat Willie, he was HUGE! She had several Giuseppe Armani figures that are just beautiful, exquisite pieces of art. Snow White and the Dwarfs and Pinnocchio , but by far the most lovely was the Beauty and the Beast figure pictured here.
She had many pins that were framed and arranged around the room. Her latest find were the Vinylmation collectibles since being a member of D23. I was loving every minute and taking in every detail of what she was sharing with me. I think I have a new Disney buddy!! As I was leaving she was so kind to gift me my first Vinylmation. It was available to D23 members during the first expo in 2009. Thanks Jane! This really made my day. I have a feeling he won't be my last.

So guess what I asked DH for Mother's Day? A membership to D23.

And yes, I am kicking myself for not becoming a Charter Member.

For more info on D23 go to : D23 Official Community for Disney Fans
For more info on Vinylmation go to : Official Blog for Vinylmation

ETA : I did get what a wanted for Mother's Day!! Thank you to my wonderful family!!


Betty Holland said...

This is SO great. I am happy for you because I know what an avid fan and collector you are. I EVEN feel excited about this stuff!!! I hope you get what you want for MOther's Day.

Korky's Mom said...

You asked and they listened. Perfect!

That last Mickey is quite cute!