Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Bringin Sexy Back!

My girlies and I finally got to see Justin Timberlake after he cancelled earlier this month. It was FANTASTIC!! That is how I expect to be entertained when I go to a concert. I was not dissapointed. He amazed me how he kept his energy level up for 2 hours and still sang and danced fantastically!! Damn what a hottie. He didn't see us in the crowd otherwise he surely would have invited us old broads back stage. My mom was wondering why I was going to see Justin since I am almost...eeehemm...40. Aren't you a little too old for that? Heck no mom! I certainly don't feel 39 so why do I have to act it. And what..a 39 year old can't enjoy watching a 25 year old pop star? If it's good enough for's good enough for me!! Timbaland was awesome too!! He did a great mix in the middle of the concert with a bunch of old and new songs and had everybody in the place bouncin. Great time with my friends and JT!!!!

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