Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My first post!

Alot of things have transpired this past year and sadly not most of them good. Don't worry I won't bore you with all the sorid details..lol. I'm looking forward to the fall and "turning a new leaf"in my life. It can only get better. Here is a good start! I hope my blog can inspire others to scrapbook OR maybe get them to love my papercrafting products and send them to my Etsy shop!

A little about myself. I love to scrapbook and I have been since my daughter was born 9 years ago. I have been involved with the scrapbooking industry since then. Currently I am creating speciality papercrafting items such as cards, mini albums, and scrapbooks. I do alot of custom work for many different types of customers and I LOVE what I do!

On my blog I hope to feature my latest projects, feature some of my favorite things on the web, review different products, share my thoughts on today's events (I'm a sucker for celebrity gossip), talk about the latest reality TV show, or whatever seems to be on my mind at the time!

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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