Friday, July 22, 2011

Face lift for my Blog

After returning from our much needed vacation from Hawaii, I have given my blog a little refirb and HOPE (I'm gonna try really hard!) to post at least 3 times a week.  My posts will consist of the following:

1.   Disney news.  There is always something exciting going on at Disney!! When you call the Mouse, I answer so I know a lot of what is going on at Walt Disney World and the Walt Disney Company.   I am looking forward to going to the D23 Expo and sharing what is going on from there and I also hope to be more involved volunteer wise with the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.  That place is amazing and if you a Disney fan you need to plan a trip to go there. TRUST me, you will looove it!

2.  Digital Scrapbooking.  My goal is to do AT LEAST one page a week.  I love all you can do with digital and now that's pretty much the only way I scrapbook.  I of course, like many of you have plenty of scrapbooking supplies still and enjoy making cards and other papercrafts.

3. FOOD Glorious food.  I'm always on the search for meals to serve my family that are tasty and healthy, but I have to do it without them knowing..shhhh.  I'm going to take a recipe from different food blogs, which there are so many wonderful ones, each week and fix a meal and do a review.  Looking forward to this and changing up what we eat, and hopefully put us on our way to eating a little bit healthier.

4.  Finally, an occasional post about my amazing kids, because sometimes I just like to brag because they are both pretty talanted and overall awesome.  I also have really gotten into Instagram, which I have linked on the side of my blog.  If you have an iphone it's a great app to share your photos and to view and comment on others.

I hope you enjoy my occasional blurps in the blogosphere.  And now I will dream about my mornings in Hawaii, when I had a Starbucks (in my awesome Starbucks "Aloha from Hawaii" cup!) and read at the beach with just me and my Nook.  Mahalo!


Steve said...

Your layout loos really good. Cool!

Marianne said...

Thanks Steve for looking at my blog! Hope your day is magical!