Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some of my recent creations

The program I have been using is Photo Shop Elements. There are many wonderful sites online with tutorials and wonderful digital scrapbooking goodies for sale. My favorite site to shop at is Scrap Matters. My shopping cart is always full there. OH, did I say digital scrapbooking was more cost effective then old school scrapbooking? I didn't think so!! My favorite site to hang out is Mousescrappers. It's mostly Disney themed scrapbooking and they have some great challenges that always get me motivated. Share some of your favorite sites with me!


Anonymous said...

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Betty Holland said...

I am at work peeking at your updated blog! I had fallen off the 'digital earth' for a few days.....but I am back! Unfortunately, I cannot see ANY of your images since I am at work. Must be blocked. I can read most of your entries though. So here I am, reading! :) xoxoxo Can't wait to see them from home.